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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Top Ten Rap songs, rhymes and punchlines about money

Thugs Family entertainment presents the top 10 best Hip Hop Lyrics about money, ever. This is to give honor to whom honor is due, some artists have stood out so great to record good songs just for your listening pleasure. We take time to examine them one after the other. The arrangement is random there is no rating attached in the numbering, if you have any complaints about any song that should be among that was omitted or any that's not supposed to be in the list, comment or write us here 

No.1 Birdman Ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne - 100 Million: 
"Get yo money, homie do yo thang (Get yo roll on) see I gat it like ten times, spend money gat it like ten times, flip that gat like ten times, gat money like ten more times"... 
In 2009, Birdman killed it with the the hit, explaining how he spends money and gets it back, dope jam hip hop collabs for hip heads. Belii that.