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Top Ten Rap songs, rhymes and punchlines about money

Thugs Family entertainment presents the top 10 best Hip Hop Lyrics about money, ever. This is to give honor to whom honor is due, some artists have stood out so great to record good songs just for your listening pleasure. We take time to examine them one after the other. The arrangement is random there is no rating attached in the numbering, if you have any complaints about any song that should be among that was omitted or any that's not supposed to be in the list, comment or write us here 

No.1 Birdman Ft. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne - 100 Million: 
"Get yo money, homie do yo thang (Get yo roll on) see I gat it like ten times, spend money gat it like ten times, flip that gat like ten times, gat money like ten more times"... 
In 2009, Birdman killed it with the the hit, explaining how he spends money and gets it back, dope jam hip hop collabs for hip heads. Belii that.  

No. 2 50 Cent - Straight to the bank: 
"Am internationally know as the kid with the flow that brings enough dough, its never enough though, sh*t I need more new sh*t outta the store"... 
The controversial rapper in his verse two raps about how's he is known as the kid with the flow that brings enough dough that is never enough. classic hit that was always in my playlist repeat.  

No. 3 Tupac Shakur - I'm getting Money: 
"If I gotta make a million, gotta stay dealing, count the women out the way, I think today I'll make a killing"... 
The controversial rapper dropped some dope lines about money self explanatory and rhyming, the punch is found in the verse 2 of the song. 

No. 4 Ludacris Ft. Pharrell William - Money Maker: 
"See am a member of the BBC the original bread winner of DTP" Ludacris says he is the original bread winner of DTP"... 
 I think no doubt Money Maker was one bomb hit track by Ludacris produced and guest starring Pharrell Williams.  

No. 5 Emmy Boss-Thug - Money Talk 
"Am stacking papers in my lobby making money is my hobby" "Money on my mind you might think am going blind, but my song is on the billboard trying to climb" "Am driving bullion van cos am equal to money, my money so long now I need a calculator"... 
These dopes lines were all curled from his second official single. A song you must listen and replay, if you are a hardcore hiphop freak.  

No 6. Jessie J Ft B.O.B - Price Tag 
"Seems like everybody got a price, I wonder how to sleep at night, when the sales comes first and the truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile"... 
Jessie J in this hit advises fellow artists to focus more in doing what they love to do and let the money come at will, and not tagging everything with price. B.O.B dropped some dope lines too. Listen 

No. 7 Notorious B.I.G - Mo Money Mo Problems 
"Now what you gon do with a crew that got money much longer than y'all, with a team much stronger than y'all?"... 
P.diddy did a great song to honor his long time friend and business partner The Notorious B.I.G Rest in Peace Biggies smalls.  

No. 8 Vybz Kartel - Mr. Bleach chin (Billion Dollar) 
"Me want get a billion dollar like Mr. Leaching, gals go dey call me Mr. Bleach chin, whole of dem a blur me like a bleach cream, throw money like leaf when you the tree trim" "Crimes is a sickness that mi know, and everybody know money adi antidote"... 
The controversial Jamaican dance-hall artist is on life imprisonment. before going in, he dropped this hit which he expresses his love for money and wealthy living.  

No. 9 Young Jeezy Ft. Lil Wayne - Scared Money 
"They on a bullshit they don't want no bread, its like telling a bad bitch that you don't want no head, not me I tell a bitch to go head, once she done what she doing I tell a bitch to get bread" "Welcome to the mind of a hustla space kid so, I ain't never scared of the money I got my pistol" "Am a hustle junkie, am a grind slave, more money the mistake is what I paid. Money on my mind, I got my mind made, if money grow on trees am trynna find shades"...
 What a great combination of hip hop heads. Jeezy dropped the first two punches, and lil weezy also murdered his verse.

No. 10 T.I Ft. Young Thug - About the Money 
"My bank roll got a big hip so you can bring her on the big ship" "If you listen I can get you paid, we 're not interested in sh*t you say"...
T.I teamed with Young Thug to drop this hit.

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